The Lumineers Process

  • First, we will take a precise mold of your teeth to ensure the Lumineers are created with an optimal fit.
  • The shade of your tooth will be properly matched as well so that the Lumineers perfectly blend with your other teeth.
  • Using your mold and shade, your Lumineers are fabricated. Once you come back for your second appointment, we painlessly attach them. Now you have bright new teeth!

Lumineers vs. Traditional Veneers

  • With Lumineers, no painful shots or drilling is necessary, only moderate teeth etching.
  • With traditional veneers, significant amounts of tooth structure are removed, but not with Lumineers.
  • Since teeth are relatively unaltered in the Lumineers process, the procedure is reversible. Traditional veneers are not reversible because the original teeth are shaved down significantly.

In just a few visits, we can make a vast improvement in your smile. We can also work with you financially to accommodate your budget needs. Call
Mokena Crossings Family Dental at 708-479-9797 today about Lumineers or to schedule an appointment.