Comfort Dentistry

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Although you may have a great oral routine, it is always suggested that you have professional cleanings performed by our dentist at Mokena Crossings Family Dental in Mokena, Illinois, during the year. These cleanings maintain your oral health and prevent cavities and other dental issues from developing. Our dentist has the necessary tools to keep your smile looking and feeling great. Below you will find the professional teeth cleanings that we offer.

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Oral Sedation

Imagine walking into Mokena Crossings Family Dental in Mokena, Illinois, sitting down, slowly relaxing into a dream-like state, and waking up with your dental problems corrected. This scenario is now completely possible with the oral sedation technique.

It’s a rather simple process: you take a prescribed pill about an hour before your appointment which will initiate a sedate feeling once you arrive. This feeling will continue to set in and last throughout the treatment. You will wake refreshed without recalling much.